Reaching Children. Changing the Future.

GO KIDS is designed to create a high-energy atmosphere at a designated location within an Adopt-a-Block site for children and youth where they participate in games and activities, learn life lessons, eat snacks and build relationships.

  • The activities include sports of all sorts, schoolyard games and simple relationship-building activities that are suited for children and youth of all ages and abilities.
  • The lessons are faith-based and driven by character building themes built around a Christ-centered message. High energy and creativity are key to engaging the children and youth.
  • The snack time is used to provide a healthy morning snack and add another moment where the GO KIDS Team connects and communicates with the children and youth.

2 Key Factors in Creating an Effective GO KIDS Ministry


Passion is contagious. People are attracted to people who have vision. The Bible says,“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18) If GO KIDS is going to be as effective as it can be, then the GO KIDS Team must be passionate. In order to stay passionate about your block, you must know that God has called you to that area. You have to pray for the kids on your block on a regular basis. You must love them the way you love your family and friends. Passion will get you where you want to be.


Another key ingredient to GO KIDS is energy. Waking up early on a Saturday morning isnʼt always easy. You wonʼt always want to go out on your block, but you can stay effective when those feelings come. How do you do this? The answer is energy. You need to go out every time with an energy that can only come from someone who is in right relationship with God. Christians should be the most energetic people around. The kids on your block need to see something different in you. They need to know that you are excited to serve them—that you want to be there and get to know them. Energy is necessary on every block and in every leader.